The 'Zane' Ponytail

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You get the best of both with our Afro Curly Wrap around ponytail. It is made from premium Virgin Human Hair which means it can be washed, coloured and bleached. 

 In its natural state, it matches hair types 4B/4C in hair texture. However when wet down with water it matches hair types 3B-4B textures respectfully. We recommend curling cremes to be used in its wet state for long lasting curl definition.

You are bound to have tonnes of fun with this extension in creating lots of different looks including half up half down, sleek low ponytails and high ponytail looks.

Model: Length of ponytail - 18"

Please Note 

Any type of chemical alteration may significantly alter conditions and texture of hair and we can not accept liability for this change. Please seek professional advice if unsure.